Kitten History: Colorpoint Shorthair

The Colorpoint Shorthair inherited her beautiful coat through years of breeding.

Colorpoint Shorthair © Helmi FlickLike a Siamese mixed with a rainbow, the Colorpoint Shorthair marries the long, elegant body of the Siamese with point colors in many fabulous shades and patterns. Your Colorpoint Shorthair kittens gorgeous coat is the result of dedicated, patient breeding and perseverance.

Early experiments in adding a bit of color to the Siameses points were recorded by British cat fanciers in the late 1940s. Later efforts by American breeders involved Abyssinian and red domestic shorthair crosses, which brought the red and cream points to the fledgling breed. Dedicated breeders pursued their programs with Cat Fanciers Association registration in mind. The dedication paid off in 1964, when the breed was accepted for registration.

As the breed gained popularity, breeders introduced tabby, or lynx points to the list of accepted Colorpoint Shorthair colors. Tortie (parti-color) points are other beautiful bands of the Colorpoint Shorthair rainbow. These Siamese cousins have all the sweet personality traits expected from the breed, and continue to win the hearts of cat lovers.


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