Kitten History: Chausie

The Chausie's exotic qualities and domestic personality are the result of hybrid crossings.

Chausie © Helmi FlickHer long, slender body moves gracefully as she stalks her favorite toy, and you are once again reminded of your Chausie kittens wild heritage. While she enjoys the exotic qualities of a wild cat, her nature and personality are completely domestic. How did breeders achieve this?

The Chausie breed began in the late 1960s and early 1970s as hybrid crossings between domestic shorthaired cats and Jungle Cats (wild cats that live in the jungles of the Nile Valley and southern Asia). As enthusiasts of the cats continued to work with them, they sought recognition from the various pedigreed cat associations. The Chausie received foundation registry status from The International Cat Association in 1995, followed by advanced new breed status in 2003.

Breeders continue to refine these beautiful cats in order to achieve championship status in TICA. Until then, Chausies will continue to delight their owners with their ticked coats, regal, muscular bodies and active, intelligent personalities.





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