Kitten History: Bengal

The Bengal kitten embodies the exotic qualities of her breed.

Bengal © Helmi Flick

With her plush spotted coat, white tummy and long body, your Bengal kitten embodies the exotic qualities of her breed. Just how did she acquire her wild good looks?

The credit goes to Jean Sudgen Mills, a cat lover with a lifelong interest in genetics. In 1963, Jean crossed a black shorthaired domestic cat with a female Asian Leopard Cat, which resulted in two kittens, one a beautiful spotted female. Family tragedy interrupted Jean’s breeding program until 1975, when she acquired several female hybrid cats produced by crossing Asian Leopard Cats and domestic cats.

Through fierce determination and selective breeding, Jean produced the stunning cats we know today as Bengals. In 1984, the domestic Bengal was recognized and accepted for registration by The International Cat Association, and continues to enjoy worldwide popularity.




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