Kitten History: American Curl

The American Curl was accepted the breed for registration in 1986.

American Curl © Helmi Flick

You won’t soon forget your first glimpse of an adorable American Curl kitten. Her sweet, open expression is highlighted by curved ears adorned with tufts of fur. Such a look captivates cat lovers immediately. But how did she come by her unusual good looks?

American Curl breeders trace their cats back to a stray found in Lakewood, Calif., in 1981. The longhaired black female with the unusual ears charmed her way into the home of Joe and Grace Ruga, who named her Shulamith. When she gave birth to a litter 6 months later, Joe and Grace noticed that several of the kittens shared their mothers curly ears. Selective breeding began in 1983, and the Cat Fanciers Association accepted the breed for registration in 1986.

Through hard work and dedication, devoted American Curl enthusiasts have created an internationally popular breed. Cat lovers will spot the cute, curly-eared cats at shows in Europe and Japan.


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