Kitten Healing From Eye Infection Wears Patch, Looks Like Tiny Badass

Scar is tiny but tough enough to overcome some serious injuries and keep going.

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This adventure cat roams beaches and hills in his leather eye patch with the name "Scar" burned into it. Via cat_with_the_eyepatch/Instagram
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When you think of characters you’ve seen with eye patches, tough customers come to mind. You’ve got pirates, of course; James Bond’s enemy in “Thunderball,” Emilio Largo; Elle Driver in “Kill Bill”; and Scar, the 2 1/2-month-old black kitten.

The tiny kitten started wearing an eye patch as he healed from surgery, and wound up looking like a tough guy — fitting for a kitty who turned out to be an adventure cat. Savannah Anas of Arcata, California, adopted the super sweet cat from a litter she and a friend visited, and chose the one who needed the most love, despite probably being the strongest of the bunch.

“Scar was in horrible condition,” she told The kitten had an infected left eye that was swollen to the point of disfigurement. “I knew that the time was ticking for Scar. With such a intense infection being so close to his brain it could be fatal.”

She immediately took him to the vet, who said that surgery would be risky. At only 2 weeks old and 8 1/2 ounces, the doctor could not hook him up to monitors, fit a breathing tube down his throat or know how the anesthesia was affecting him.

“This made it an extremely high-risk surgery,” Anas told Petcha. “The doctor saw it as a 50-50 chance on either losing him to the infection or during surgery, so we took the risk and just went for it.”

I woke up like this 😼

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Luckily, Scar pulled through the surgery, and the doctor successfully removed his eye and the surrounding infected areas. But the site had several stitches and needed protection. It had to be solid, too, because Anas needed to keep the kitten near her during her busy schedule.

“Having to take Scar with me to classes, restaurants, shopping basically everywhere I went, I needed to keep it clean from particles,” Anas said.

In one of her classes, she talked about making Scar an eye patch herself and a colleague overheard her and said he’d make one for the cat.

“It’s made from leather with Scar’s name burned in Old English on the patch, with metal wire to attach the leather to rope, which is adjustable so it’ll last Scar a long time,” she told us, of what sounds like a totally badass accessory.

“Scar loves his eye patch, and it does not bother him at all,” Anas said. “He never tries to take it off. I put it on him now when we go out on adventures or out of the house.”

Adventures include beach trips, work, classes, internships or volunteer programs. Because he’s been going everywhere with Anas from such a young age, she tells us he’s very comfortable with it.

“I feel that Scar trusts me completely now, having raised him, so he trusts where I go or anything I do — even something as simple as bathing him, he never freaks out as long as I’m around,” Anas said. “So now he loves to go on adventures with me and he always follows me wherever I go. My goal with Scar is to be able to take him everywhere I go. I have mainly been researching and studying sharks so taking him with on my next expedition would be fantastic!”

As for his signature look, it’s no longer a necessity. It might be, however, something Scar will keep in the style rotation.

“He does not need to wear the eye patch now as his skin has healed,” Anas told us. “However, he seems to look for it if I do not put it on him immediately. Also, I found it also makes him more approachable rather than people being afraid of why he doesn’t have an eye.”

We don’t know how anyone could not want to snuggle this super cutie, one-eyed or not, but if it takes a bold facade to make others comfortable, we commend Anas and Scar on being so gracious. Not all heroes wear capes; some wear eye patches.

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