Kitten Halftime Show Airs This Super Bowl Sunday

Get a sneak peek at cute kitten pictures from behind the scenes at the Kitten Halftime Show during this year's Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet.

Are you ready for some football … halftime shows with cats? Then Animal Planet is the place for you this Super Bowl Sunday. Watch kittens romp during The Puppy Bowl IX Kitty Halftime Show Feb. 3, 2013. You will see adorable, adoptable kittens from Animal Care & Control of NYC, who were total naturals.

According to Puppy Bowl IX executive producer Melinda Toporoff: “We do not train our kittens. They all come ready and prepared, naturally doing what they already do best. I mean why mess with perfection?”

Watch a preview of Puppy Bowl IX here!

Toporoff added that there were no puppy/kitten off-sides, but guessed that if there were “It’d be awfully cute.” Read on for more insights on the main event (in our eyes). The lack of kittens at Super Bowl XLVII won’t bother you any longer.

Where did the idea for the Kitty Halftime Show come from?
After fans fell in love with the original PUPPY BOWL special, we knew we had to “represent” and kittens took to the field the very next year during PUPPY BOWL II (2006). Since kittens are known for their agility, showmanship and overall cuteness, what better way to get them involved than by giving them their very own halftime show?

What makes a good Kitty Halftime Show performer? What do you look for in selecting a cat?
Animal Planet works in conjunction with to help us secure our furry felines. Our adoptables need to meet some age, health and size requirements but other than that, there’s just an intangible cuteness quotient.  What can I say?  It’s not an exact science.  As with most things I love, I just know it when I see it. Fortunately, kittens are natural athletes and have tons of energy so we keep an eye out for wee ones that exhibit those particular traits. This year, we have 23 kittens participating in PUPPY BOWL IX courtesy of Animal Care & Control of NYC.
Please share any memorable anecdotes from the show taping.
As we all know, life is better when confetti is involved. In the early days of the kitten half time show, our production team … how shall I put this … “over delivered” during the grand finale.  When the confetti was released, we quickly realized we had gone a bit overboard.  The kittens were absolutely covered in a blanket of confetti – nary a whisker was visible.  Seconds later, our kittens popped out and continued to play as though nothing had happened. It was extremely cute and the kittens were no worse for the wear, but we’ve since cut back on the amount of confetti we use during our finale.
How can folks can adopt these cats?
By the time our viewers watch PUPPY BOWL, we hope that most, if not all of our furry participants are adopted. We tend to shoot our show at least 3 months before it airs.  But viewers can visit leading up to the game for the latest adoption status of the kittens.


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