Kitten Goes From Growling To Grateful After Rescue From Car Chassis

A kitten couldn't have been less happy about being rescued, until she began to trust the woman who saved her.

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This happy cat did a 180 on a rescuer. Via LemonAide Rescue/Facebook
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You know you’re having a bad day when all you want to do is crawl in a hole and hide. And when people try to get you out of it, you get pretty grumpy. But you know that if you opened your heart a bit, people just might be able to help.

That’s what a tiny tuxedo kitten who hid in the undercarriage of two cars found out when she was rescued by Bryanna Rosario of LemonAide Rescue in Davie, Florida, last week. Rosario eventually lured out the roughly 6-week-old little girl, only to be faced with a growling little gremlin.

“She was very angry!” Rosario told “She was hissing, spitting and growling at me when she saw me in her cage.”

The cat had arrived at Rosario’s boyfriend’s work, Island Boy Tuning, via a driver who heard scared mewing from his car. After the engine was nearly taken apart completely, they found the kitten, but she slipped away before they could catch her.

Posted by LemonAide Rescue on Friday, June 2, 2017

When Rosario arrived on the scene, she was prepared. It took all the tools in Rosario’s animal rescue toolkit to catch the little cat.

“I was armed only with her Vienna sausages, kitten food and a video on YouTube of kittens crying,” Rosario told “After hours of lying on the floor (in the rain), she let me get close enough while she was eating to pick her up and put her in the carrier. She fought me the entire two seconds it took to put her in there, too!”

The cat and her new name — Chevy Maserati, based on the two cars she hid in — went to the vet to get checked out. Throughout that visit and that night, she stayed very grumpy, not warming up at all.

What a beautiful little face 😻 Chevy Maserati is a tiny baby who I think is about 6 weeks old. She loves having her…

Posted by LemonAide Rescue on Thursday, June 8, 2017

“After taking her to the vet, I brought her home and let her have her privacy so she could eat, drink and pee in a calm environment,” Rosario said. “I checked on her a few times before going to bed. She would immediately hiss and try to hide from me.”

Something must have changed overnight, however, because the little girl began to trust Rosario a bit more.

“The next morning, she didn’t do either,” Rosario said. “She just sat there and stared at me. I put my hand down next to her, she sniffed it, when I started rubbing under her chin it was a wrap! Her little motor turned on! Non-stop purring. She would chase after my hand for me to keep rubbing her.”

As a rescuer/ foster, it’s always so satisfying when I get to see a terrified, semi- feral kitten turn around and become…

Posted by LemonAide Rescue on Monday, June 12, 2017

Rosario is fostering the cuddly cat for her rescue group, LemonAide Rescue. While she awaits her forever family, she gets to play and cuddle with three other cats of Rosario’s.

“Her purr, by far, is the loudest of the group,” Rosario said. “She is always ready to accept a head scratch.”

The LemonAide Rescue is named after a kitten named Lemon who was blind, had “the world’s worst heart disease,” according to Rosario. Lemon only lived for 6 months. In that time, however, Rosario made a bucket list for him to make those remaining days memorable.

He also inspired, of course, the rescue named for him. He made it possible for Chevy Maserati to purr her heart out, thanks to the caring, patient woman who saved them both.

If you want to adopt Chevy Maserati, reach out to Rosario at LemonAide Rescue at or visit their Facebook page

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