Kitten Goes For 300-Mile Joyride (Fear-ride?) Inside Car Bumper

A Royal Navy officer heard soft mewing in his car a day after a long trip and was surprised to find a kitten inside his car.

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This kitten has the right stuff to hang with pilots. Via Royal Navy
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When you stop and park your car after a long road trip, the only sound you usually hear is that ticking noise engines make when they cool down (that’s what’s happening, right?). Rarely do you hear “very quiet meowing.” Rarely.

But Royal Naval Lieutenant Nick Grimmer heard just that after driving 300 miles through the United Kingdom and discovered it came from a tiny kitten trapped inside his bumper, according to the Royal Navy. The little gray-and-white striped tabby had been stuck in the rear bumper of the helicopter pilot’s car, and was only discovered after the mewing continued into the next day and the car had been taken apart.

Tigger is most comfortable sleeping in his owner's flight helmet. Via Royal Navy

Tigger is most comfortable sleeping in a flight helmet. Via Royal Navy

“I looked in the boot, under the bonnet and climbed all over and under it and still couldn’t find what was making the noise,” Grimmer told Royal Navy. “I called up some of our air engineers who came and helped me to start dismantling my pride and joy. On taking off the rear bumper we were greeted by a tiny tiger-striped kitten.”

 Via Royal Navy

???????????? Via Royal Navy

Grimmer flies submarine–hunting Merlin helicopters with 814 Naval Air Squadron, AKA the Flying Tigers. The small cat who was trapped in the car was soon named Tigger.

"My gray stripes go great with these giant helicopters. Via Royal Navy

“My gray stripes go great with these giant helicopters. Via Royal Navy

“He must have had a long journey but remarkably is unharmed,” Grimmer said. “I am never late for work and was left with no option but to take my new friend in with me. The place he has felt most comfortable is in my flying helmet, which is the only place he is able to sleep.”

Tigger, apparently, likes cozy spots. And a little danger, which is perfect for joining the life of a helicopter pilot.

Members of Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose said on Facebook that they will look for the kitten’s owners. If they remain unknown, an officer will step up to adopt Tigger.

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  • So glad he made the trip unharmed! Little Tigger will find a wonderful loving home with one of you pilots! Take care of Tigger and yourselves. (My son, an Xmarine for the U.S.A. has a cat named Tigger) If there IS such a thing as an X Marine! Once a Marine ALWAYS a Marine!

    Brenda Ihnen June 18, 2016 1:17 pm Reply

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