Kitten Gives In To Soothing Power Of Bath

“Can mew bathe me again, please?”

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"So happy right now."
Anastasia Thrift

We keep seeing contrary information on the whole cats-hate-water thing. There are cats who surf, cats who hang out in the kitchen sink, cats who seriously want showers and, now, a kitten who utterly loves being bathed under a running tap.

This little black kitten is in the YouTube video “Kitten Loves Bath Time” uploaded by Luna x Mars. It defies the odds of cats liking water, but maybe this tiny girl is ushering in a new movement free from old assumptions.

Teeny tiny kitty spa. Via Luna x Mars/YouTube

Teeny tiny kitty spa. Via Luna x Mars/YouTube

“Clover gets really messy learning how to eat,” text under the video reads. “She loves bath time and the feeling of water on her belly!”

Messy Clover is probably as cute as clean Clover so we are waiting patiently for a follow-up video. Please.

We hope the water love continues. Shattering a stereotype sounds like the kind of move cats are capable of, and it looks like this little kitten could be a real disrupter.

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