Kitten Fails Miserably At Being A Copy Cat

This kitten just wants to clean herself like Mom does, but she's still getting the hang of it. Someday, little kitten. Someday.

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Practice makes perfect, little one!
Chrissa Hardy

Little girls idolize their mothers, and often try to imitate their behaviors.

The same applies to the feline world, apparently. In a video uploaded to YouTube by Ari K, a kitten is watching her mama cat clean herself and she tries to do it, too. However, the whole lick-paw-and-rub-it-on-face thing proves to be more difficult than the kitten anticipated.

"Am I doing it right, Mom?" Via YouTube

“Am I doing it right, Mom?” Via YouTube

Over and over the little kitten attempts the cleaning, but more than anything it looks like she’s trying to catch a fly, rather than give herself a bath.

Will this kitten grow up to be the clumsiest cat ever? Or is this common for kittens still developing their sense of balance and depth perception. Either way, it’s absolutely wonderful to watch her try.

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