This Kitten Gets Dressed Up To Eat From Syringes

When this kitten had trouble eating her food, her owner fed her from syringes with her food inside. She also wore a dress for the occasion!

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Gobble gobble, little kitten!
Chrissa Hardy

When a kitten had trouble getting used to eating like a cat without the help of her mother, her owner had a brilliant solution.

Instead of force-feeding her by hand, the kitten’s owner put her wet food inside a syringe as a way to simulate being fed by her mother, as reported by KOMO News.

Fancy feast, indeed. Via Jukin Media

Fancy feast, indeed. Via SoSilentGaming/YouTube

Unsurprisingly, the kitten guzzled that food down instantly, and the video showed her eager for more before her owner could swap out the empty syringe for the full one.

And not that kittens need anything to make them look more adorable, but her owner put her in a tiny kitten dress for the dining occasion.

Cue the “Awwwww’s.”

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