Kitten Discovers Fierce Rival ‘Mirror Cat’

Watch a kitten battle it out with another identical kitten moving in the exact same way as she is because kitty hasn’t learned what a mirror is.

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"I'm fighting with the cat in the mirror. I'm asking her to change her ways."

Doppelgängers appear in folklore as harbingers of gloom and doom. A kitten took this very seriously when meeting her own potentially evil twin and began an epic battle of good versus bad. Or, more likely, she didn’t understand how mirrors work.

A clip of the black and white kitten coming to blows with her reflection was posted to YouTube by Simon Newport this week. The cow-patterned kitten, Wiske, first strides up to the mirror happily, tail in the air. Then she dukes it out with her reflection.

Take that and that and that and that... Via Simon Newport/YouTube

Take that and that and that and that… Via Simon Newport/YouTube

And then she goes back for more. And more. It’s clear she wants to take down this rival/evil twin/kind of hyper-adorable reflection.

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