Kitten Can’t Keep Husky From Food No Matter How Hard She Tries

You can’t keep a dog from his meal.

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This kitten is determined to interrupt this Husky’s meal. Via Elgallozombie/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

Many dogs have a food-time ritual. They eat at the same time every day and in the same place. Many don’t like to be disturbed while they gobble up their meal. But disturbances cannot always be avoided.

And some are outright intentional.

Take this kitten, for example. In a video posted to Facebook by Elgallozombie, the kitten runs up to the Husky who is eating lunch. She immediately attacks his back leg.

She grabs on with her front paws, kicks with her back legs and bites as though his leg was a tasty treat. The Husky, to his credit, ignores the attacker in favor of eating. Unwilling to give up, the kitten continues her attempt to distract the dog. At one point she even goes after his tail. But the Husky just eats. At one point, he shakes her off — without turning away from his bowl — only to have her momentarily pause before going after his other back leg. This kitten is not defeated easily.

Alas, she eventually gives up, perhaps in search of something else to attack. And the Husky keeps on eating.

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