Kitten And Baby Owl Are The Snuggliest Buddies Ever

An unlikely interspecies friendship has occurred between a kitten and an owl in a coffee shop in Japan.

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It's easy to bond over coffee, even for an owl and a kitten. Via Hukulou Coffee/Facebook

Interspecies friendships, no matter how odd the pair, are always fascinating and absolutely adorable. In Japan, a baby owl and a kitten who are frequent snuggle buddies at a coffee shop are certainly no exception.

The coffee shop, Hukulou Coffee in Osaka, used to be all about owls. It has an owl logo, owl-themed goods available for purchase and it even has a few live owl residents who serve as mascots.

The gang's all here. Via Hukulou Coffee/Facebook

The gang’s all here. Via Hukulou Coffee/Facebook

Just by that sheer fact alone, this coffee shop is ranking high on the cute scale. But wait, it gets even cuter. The shop’s star is a baby owl named Fuku-Chan.

Fuku-Chan has become extremely tight with a kitten named Marimo. And thankfully, Hukulou Coffee proudly documents this adorable pairing on its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Marimo and Fuku-Chan have been caught snuggling, smooching, relaxing and getting into kitten and owl-related shenanigans (which is really just chasing tails and poking at each other).

Everyone loves coffee, but we think we’d hang out at Hukulou Coffee just to watch these two!

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