Kitten and Owl Best Friends

A tiny owl and little kitten have an unlikely friendship.

Like the fox and the hound, a friendship blossoming between an owl and a feline feels like something out of a Disney movie – after all, owls and cats are known enemies, with the former considering the latter prey. But Fuku-chan and Marimo are a special case.

Fuku-chan is just one of many owls who reside at Hukulou Coffee, an owl-themed café based in Osaka, Japan, that overlooks a beautiful vineyard and serves up lattes featuring owl art, owl and cat shaped cookies and owl-themed gifts. Marimo is a Scottish Fold kitten with curiosity galore and a heart of gold.

The wee owlet and tiny kitten met by chance at Hukulou Coffee and, despite their species differences, struck up a one-of-a-kind friendship that will make you squee. Snuggling with one another, giving nose kisses, sitting side-by-side on a tree branch … these are a few of the activities they spend their time doing each day. Need further proof? Take a look at the pictures. Oh, and be prepared to coo because they’re too cute!

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