Kitten Abandoned with Heartbreaking Note Gets New Home

A kitten in a tragic family situation was saved by passers-by after they discovered the stray left out with a sad note.

A kitten who had a rough start to life is resting more comfortably today thanks to a brave individual eager to give the orange and white baby cat a better quality of life and MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland, Wash.

Discovered abandoned in an alley by a woman walking her dog, the kitten, tucked inside a cardboard box, was accompanied by a heartbreaking plea: a note scrawled in childish writing, but evidently written by an adult speaking as the kitten, stating: “My mommy’s boyfriend is mean to me. Desperet (sic) for loving home.” The note was punctuated with a sad face, adding an even more tragic tone to the message.

Swept off to the veterinarian by the passerby, the kitten was deemed to be on the thin side but in overall good health. She is now in the hands of MEOW Cat Rescue, who posted the following on their Facebook page:
“We are so happy to have her. We have more questions than answers, but are forever thankful for the bravery of the child who knew the kitten deserved better and the kindness of the woman who saved the kitten.”

Cheers to the kindness of strangers and happy endings!

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