Kissing describes a behavior in which a pet bird seems to mimic human kissing.


Perhaps thanks to the idealistic but unrealistic Disneyesque approach to animals and Nature, people are often wildly enthusiastic about animals that touch parts of their faces to those of others. “Kissing” is a positive thing in some but not all human societies, so people often assume that any animal that touches its face to another’s face is doing the same thing as a human kiss. In reality, most animals (other than some primates) do not “kiss” each other, so this assumption can be a seriously faulty one.


It is astonishing how many people offer their faces to pet parrots that they know are biters, apparently blithely assuming that a parrot that often communicates through biting would never bite their faces. This can be extremely unfortunate, as a facial bite (even an accidental one) can seriously damage the bond between person and parrot.

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