King Corgi

The clever and cheerful Pembroke Welsh Corgi has his eye on you.

Every morning, just before she goes to work, Donna G. of Connecticut puts on her lipstick, then gives her pack of Pembroke Welsh Corgis their treats. But how, she wondered, did they always know she was leaving? “Whenever I came down the stairs, there they were, all lined up in their kennels,” she says. “I couldn’t figure it out.”

Gilbert began to suspect that the sound of the lipstick tube clicking shut clued her Corgis into her impending departure. So, she performed a test.

“I went into the bathroom and opened the lipstick case, then snapped it shut,” Donna says. “I went to the top of the stairs and looked down. Sure enough, there they were in their crates. After a minute or two, they peeked out and looked at me, wondering what the problem was and why I wasn’t giving them their cookies.”

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