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Kind Policeman Stops Traffic To Save Kitten

A police officer halts oncoming cars on a busy street to pick up a small, scared kitten stuck on the road.

Stop. Kitten. Via Huffington Post

Kittens are new to this world, so they need a little protection sometimes.

A policeman in Peru knew this when he stopped highway traffic in Lima last month to rescue a stranded kitten, Huffington Post reports.

The life-saving move was shot by Lorena Castro, who was about to retrieve the feline herself until police officer Bryan Andahua said he would take care of it.

Andahua halted the oncoming cars, picked up the kitten and carried it to Castro. Peruvian newspaper El Comercio reports that he refused a reward offered by Castro and drove away, back to work.

The kitten, now named “Polly Tana,” a play on the name of Lima’s bus transit system, now lives with Castro. She’s posted lots of pictures and it looks like Polly Tana is has the protector she needs to grow up into a healthy, happy kitty.

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