Kids Decorate Aquariums at American Cichlid Association’s National Convention

Six winners won a food and water care pack with Tetra and Marineland products.

The 2014 American Cichlid Association’s National Convention was held in Louisville, KY, providing a fun meeting ground this year for enthusiasts of the aquatics hobby. 

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Kids at the American Cichlid Association’s tank decorating contest get direction from UPG’s Tom Fisk cichlid on the contest rules, water care tips and proper aquarium husbandry.

United Pet Group proudly served as the show’s primary sponsor, making it possible for the show to feature a fish show, tank rentals, livestock displays, and for plenty of excitement, a kids’ decorating contest.

For a  $10 entry fee, of which all proceeds benefitted the Guy Jordan Research Fund, up to 50 kids had an opportunity to decorate a 20 gallon Marineland kit with a variety of provided gravel, ornaments and plants.  Kids were welcome to bring their own décor, to be judged in a separate “open” division.

You can fast forward through the intro to see the cichlids!


The contest began with a short kick-off discussion by UPG’s Tom Fisk, explaining rules, the science behind watercare and tips on how to keep a healthy aquarium.  After being properly briefed, the children were allowed to pick their choice of the available décor items. 

The kids worked enthusiastically to add gravel, bury plants and position ornaments in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.  After being given enough time to work, each participant was given a selection of several tropical fish to add to their environment, including angels, neons and danios, provided by Segrest Farms.

The judging panel, comprised of ACA volunteers and UPG employees, had a blast picking out the top candidates for each division, and were pleasantly surprised by the creativity of entrants.  The 6 winners all were delighted to win a food and water care prize pack with Tetra and Marineland products.
United Pet Group, parent company of Tetra and Marineland brands, believes that investing in initiatives that educate children while building excitement around fishkeeping are vital to the future of aquatics.  Young aquarium owners ensure a healthy future for the hobby and inject a fresh perspective and optimism to the consumer base.

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