Kids and Dogs Can Play Nice

Keep dogs and children from fighting over new toys during the holidays.

Children and dogs love soft, cuddly stuffed toys, but problems can arise when visiting children bring their new stuffed Christmas toys into your normally kid-less home shared with a friendly dog who wants to play with the kids — and their appealing toys.
Any dog allowed to play with children should be nonaggressive over toys and be trained to “leave it” and “drop it” in case she goes for the wrong toy. Also consider:

  • Give your dog a new toy to divert attention away from the kids’ toys.
  • Always supervise play and be ready to redirect your dog’s attention toward an acceptable toy.
  • Don’t expect your dog to obey visiting children or adults.
  • Never allow children and dog to chase each other or play tug with a toy.
  • Do not permit children to playfully tease or chase the dog.
  • Set up a game of hide-and-seek or fetch that both can enjoy.

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