Kid Steps In Dog Poop And Learns That Life Is Not Fair

This little boy has a complete meltdown after stepping in dog poop.

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Sometimes everything is just the worst. Right, little dude?
Chrissa Hardy

Sometimes life throws you punches, and you have to learn to just roll with it.

In a video recently uploaded to YouTube by user ForFun02, a little boy learns this lesson of life the hard way — by stepping in a pile of dog poop… while barefoot. Eek.



His mom hears him bellowing in the backyard, and upon reaching him, she learns that his screams are not due to an emergency, just a rough day. He demands a paper towel to make it all go away and yells that he “is not so excited.” We’re guessing his lack of excitement is a direct result of the brown dog waste caked between his toes.

Spoiler alert: getting older is pretty crappy. Via YouTube

Spoiler alert: Getting older is pretty crappy. Via YouTube

As his mom states (while holding back a giggle), “I don’t think anyone is excited to step in dog poop.” So true.

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