Kennel Owner Spends $150K To Care For Former Military Dogs

Greg Meredith "lost everything" in order to feed and care for a dozen former canine warriors.

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Ranger is one of the dogs at Mt. Hope K9 Warrior Rescue. Via Mt. Hope K9 Warrior Rescue/Facebook

The 12 dogs in Greg Meredith’s central Virginia kennel aren’t just any animals who are waiting for their permanent homes. All of them, from floppy-eared Tucker to sad-eyed Abby, are former military dogs who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan.

The dozen highly trained dogs were supposed to be at the Mt. Hope Kennel for a few weeks while a contract company that purchased them from the Department of Defense tried to reassign them as therapy dogs, reports AKC News. Those assignments never came and — 17 months later — they’re still at the kennel.

Meredith has spent more than $150,000 to feed, house and care for these dogs, according to the AKC.

“This guy has lost everything taking care of these dogs,” Bob Bryant, the co-founder of Mission K-9 Rescue, told the organization. “I’m amazed how energetic, friendly and happy they are. These dogs have been emotionally nourished and cared for.”

The nonprofit Mission K-9 Rescue and the United States War Dog Association have taken over the dogs’ care and are working to re-home them with their former handlers. So far, the organizations have placed eight of the dogs back in the care of those individuals.

Moto was reunited with his handler, Ethan. Via Mt. Hope K9 Warrior Rescue/Facebook

Moto was reunited with his handler, Ethan. Via Mt. Hope K9 Warrior Rescue/Facebook

A GoFundMe donation page has been set up for Meredith in the hopes that kind-hearted individuals will help him recover some of the money he spent out of his own pocket to care for these dogs.

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