Keeping Cat Comfortable During Hectic Time

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, offers advice on keeping kitty safe and calm during party season.

Q: We are having a hectic holiday season with lots of people in the house, particularly New Year’s Eve. How can I keep my kitty comfortable?

A: Keeping kitties safe and secure during the holiday season and all the parties that come with it, is something I am asked about often. I am always happy to answer these questions and advise readers again how to make it a fun season for our feline friends.

I am all for parties and there is nothing nicer than a fun gathering of friends. However, your cat may not always agree. I remember a friend hosted a large party in cramped quarters and though her cat, Jamie, was in another room, the door was not closed.

As the evening went on, the noise level went up and Jamie became stressed. She tried to disappear down into her cat bed, which was on a desk. A well-meaning catperson went into the room and reached out to pet Jamie and got bitten instead. The poor kitty was scared and upset and acted out, but fortunately no blood was shed or harm done to the guest, who understood. Other guests may not though. My friend quickly closed the door for the remainder of the party and made sure Jamie also got extra treats when everyone had gone.

New Year’s is a noisy holiday. Secure your cats in a separate room with their food, water, litter and toys for the duration and put a sign on the door that says “Do Not Disturb.”

Once everyone goes home, check the floor for any dropped food, glasses, ornaments, wine corks, toothpicks, etc. Any of these could be harmful to your cats. Please bag all garbage and if you cannot put it outside then secure it in a place where your cat cannot reach it. Make sure you get extra cat treats so your wonderful kitties can ring in the New Year as well.

As always I welcome your stories and comments. Wishing you and all your feline friends a terrific Holiday season and Happy New Year!

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