Keep Your Pet Sitter in the Loop

As a pet sitter, I naturally get attached to many of my clients. When I don’t hear from a regular client for a while, I wonder if something has happened to their pets or the owners. This last week, I was able to get updated on two of my favorite households.

Charlie and AJ are dogs whom I stayed with several times, but I hadn’t been booked with them for almost two years. I often thought about them and their owners. This week, their owner called me and I was able to find out what was going on with them.

Dan had been laid off so he and his wife hadn’t been traveling. Like many people in this economy, travel just didn’t fit into the budget any longer. I was sorry to hear that they were struggling a little, but very pleased to hear both dogs are doing well and they even have a new dog in the household.

The other update I received was on Gardel and Piccolina, two Italian Greyhounds I see on a pretty regular basis. Gardel recently had surgery for a cancerous growth on his head. The news was very positive and Gardel is recovering very well. Piccolina is also recovering from cancer, and is doing better.

If you have a regular pet sitter and something changes with your pet, be sure to keep the sitter updated. We care about your pets and love to hear how they are doing.

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