Keep Your Dog ‘Young at Heart’

Reader’s Digest book helps owners of senior dogs keep them young.

All responsible dog owners eventually have an old dog. That’s just the way it is when we live so much longer than our canine pals.

In “Young at Heart,” David Alderton has penned a manual for keeping your dog young as long as possible. While it’s geared toward senior dogs, owners who want their adult dogs to live the longest, healthiest lives possible will also find great information.

The longest chapter in the book is devoted to “Everyday Ailments,” organized by body systems, such as the hormonal system and the musculoskeletal system. Alderton suggests that while aging is inevitable, “altering your dog’s lifestyle and diet can sometimes play a more significant part in your pet’s health and well-being during his later years.”

In “Playful as a Pup,” you’ll find tips on avoiding injuries, keeping up with exercise, and improving mobility. The author urges owners to include toys and games in their dogs’ daily routines. “All will contribute to your dog’s mental alertness,” he writes.

“Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks” focuses on personality changes, housetraining issues, deteriorating behavior, and training. This chapter will help any owner to better understand what’s going on with their senior dog, and to make the appropriate accommodations. In reality, it’s more about teaching owners new tricks for their old dogs.

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