Keep It Clean

These tools make it easy for you!




Whether it’s litterbox odors, scattered litter on the floor, hair on the furniture or the occasional hairball, a slew of tools and safe, nontoxic products are available to help you keep your home pristine clean and keep you assured that the only signs of a cat in residence is the cat herself!

Good Grooming
If you can keep dead hair off your cat, you can keep it off your couch. The amount a cat sheds, and thus the number of hairballs coughed up, is directly related to the temperature and the hours of daylight. Cats that live exclusively indoors experience warmer temperatures and more hours of light – albeit artificial light – year round. Consequently, their base level of shedding is higher, and that means more hairballs.
The latest de-shedding tools are effective for reducing shedding by safely removing unwanted dead hair. Different models are available for shorthaired and longhaired cats, as well as grooming tool kits designed for kittens to get them used to the grooming process – even though they don’t shed much early on.

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