Kaytee Kicks Off Pet Ownership Campaign

Birds and small animal pets take the spotlight in Kaytee's Pet Ownership Campaign.

Kaytee, a Chilton, Wisc.-based manufacturer of wild bird and small pet foods, has launched a nationwide informational campaign to promote the ownership of birds and small pet animals during these tough economic times.

“We think it’s important to let people know that they can own inexpensive pets and birds that will provide the same benefits of comfort and companionship as a dog or cat for a fraction of the cost,” said Kathy Evens, Kaytee’s vice president of marketing. “Parents who choose to have birds or small animals in their household will find that this is an excellent and inexpensive alternative to larger and more expensive pets, and their children will learn the same lessons in responsibility and animal care.”

Kaytee kicked off the campaign on June 23 with a national satellite media tour. During the tour, pet expert Marc Morrone, who has signed on as the campaign’s official spokesman, discussed the benefits of small pet animal and bird ownership. Morrone co-owns Parrots of the World pet shop in Rockville Centre, N.Y., and has been a guest on The Martha Stewart Show.

Kaytee has also produced short videos with Morrone featuring “pocket pets” that are expected to air on television (the date has yet to be determined).  The videos showcase the personalities of individual small pets and are aimed at helping parents choose the right one for their child.

In addition, Kaytee is sponsoring a day at the Wisconsin State Fair, scheduled for early August, and plans are in the works to develop promotional pet ownership literature for retailers.

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