Katy Perry + Cats + Popchips = Amazing Video

Popchips partners Katy Perry with cats in an adventurous ad.

Meet Katy and the Popcats

Katy Perry proves that she’s up for some kitty hijinks in a new commercial for Popchips. The “I Kissed A Girl” and “Fireworks” singer suits up in a bright purple tight body suit and gathers her team “Popcats” — real cats donning colorful wigs — to thwart their nemesis, Fat Cat, whose bent on pushing his unhealthy snacks on the masses. (Side note: I am pretty sure the casting director resurrected Toonces The Driving Cat of Saturday Night fame to play the role of Fat Cat … the sole puppet-styled cat in the video.)

You have to give Perry props for staying in character despite her supporting cast of felines who at times look as if they are attempting to flee the film set (or are they trying to flee the wigs?). I wish I were behind the scenes at this commercial shoot just to see the animal trainer attempt to keep the kitties ready for their close-ups. There are plenty of fake cat legs in play here — to grab Popchips bags, throw down shot glasses of milk and fiddle with the GPS; which makes me think the cat actors were saying, “Meow you! I’m not doing that.” You know a dog actor would retrieve that Popchip bag in its mouth with a simple “Fetch!” command. The cats show off their best acting chops near the beginning of the video, when they hiss at the trash-talking Fat Cat. You really do feel their anger and disdain but, again, it might just be directed at the wigs.

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