Kate The Princess Meets Bob The Street Cat

Ginger tabby Bob has been through a lot, so meeting the Duchess of Cambridge turned out to be NBD.

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HRH Kate Middleton and his tabbiness Bob the street cat. Via Royal UK
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Tabby cat Bob has really moved up in the world. He’s gone from living on the street to being the subject and star of a movie. So by the time he had an audience with royalty, he was pretty blasé about it.

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton attended the premiere of “A Street Cat Named Bob” in London last night and met the cat star in real life, according to Royal UK. She paused for photo ops with him and his owner.

The movie is based on the book by James Bowen. It details his struggle with with addiction and then his redeeming friendship with a stray orange cat who helped him beat his dependency.

The film premiere raised funds for Action on Addiction. Princess Kate acts in her royal capacity as a patron of the charity, as well as supporting other efforts to help people recover from addiction.

While Kate pet Bob, she talked with Bowen and the actor who portrays him in the film, Luke Treadaway. Everyone smiled and exchanged niceties. Except Bob. He sat nonchalantly on a cushion, be-scarfed dapperly.

Either he’s been through so much that meeting Princess Kate wasn’t too big of a deal. Or maybe he was simply acting… regally.

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