Kate Spade Plays Cat and Mouse Game

Latest fashion collection pits cats and mice against each other in competition for most stylish.

Kate Spade’s latest collection is further proof – should that even be necessary – that Feline Fashion is here to stay.

First things first: the adorable, whimsical category headers on her website are too cute. I envision a set of greeting cards. Anyone else? 

In addition to her cat collection – which covers the gamut from blouses, sweatshirts, dresses, shoes, handbags, wallets and jewelry – she’s thrown in a few mice-themed items to make things a bit more exciting and original. 


Yes, the collection includes the ever-present cat-ear headband, leaving me to wonder me wonder if it’s finally “jumped the shark.” And it’s a pity the cat flat is not back. Instead we have a mouse flat called “Walt” (the mouse’s name?) and a rather awkward cat adorned high heel.

If you’re a fan of the collection’s signature blue and black cheetah-esque pattern, you’re in luck – if you have an Apple device that is.  You can have a little piece of the collection for free in the form of Kate Spade’s digital wallpaper for your computer, iPad or iPhone.

And yes, I did download the wallpaper and have my eye on the clear iPhone6 paw-print case. Do any of the pieces in Kate’s collection have you reaching for your credit card?

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