Kate Bosworth’s Boyfriend Is in the Doghouse

The actress says her model boyfriend takes a backseat to her dog Lila.

Kate Bosworth’s boyfriend, model James Rousseau, is in the doghouse with the “Superman Returns” actress – literally!

The actress tells the British edition of “Marie Claire” magazine that her dog takes precedence over her boyfriend when it comes to grabbing the prime spot in her bed.

“My mom was a real animal person … so I grew up with the dogs sleeping in the beds,” Bosworth says. “My boyfriend found that really odd the first couple of times he stayed over.”

Bosworth’s fetching companion is a dog named Lila, whom she adopted in 2004 while dating then-boyfriend, “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor Orlando Bloom.

“I love my dog. She’s a cross-breed and so cute,” says Bosworth, who most recently starred in “21,” a film about a group of MIT students who become experts in card counting and took Las Vegas casinos for millions. “The dog will stay in the bed before the man will!”

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