Kate Bosworth Adopts Foreign Dogs

The actress tells how Best Friends Animal Sanctuary helped bring her dog Lila home for good.

For Kate Bosworth, it’s nice to have Friends.

When Bosworth found and fell in love with a stray dog while shooting a movie in Mexico, the actress didn’t know how to bring the dog back to the U.S. So she turned to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, where she had done volunteer work, for help.

“They helped me get the dog home,” said Bosworth to Vanity Fair at a party in Los Angeles honoring the nonprofit rescue group. “It’s difficult sometimes to bring them from another country to the United States, so they came to help me out.”

That dog went to a friend in Los Angeles, but when Bosworth found another stray while visiting Morocco a few months later, she didn’t hesitate to try to bring the dog home. Once again, she called on Friends for support.

“I saw Lila just totally malnourished and basically dying on the street, so I picked her up and bathed her,” Bosworth remembered. “She was covered in fleas and ticks, and we got her vaccines and got her a little doggie passport and brought her back.”

And despite the headaches that often accompany importing a pet, the actress said she would do it again. “She’s the most amazing dog.”

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