Karl Lieberman, Contributor


Karl G. Lieberman is a San Diego-based professional bird finder. He developed his knowledge of birds when he worked seven years as the bird buyer for one of the nation? largest bird stores. During that time, he developed a particular interest in finches and canaries. After leaving the store, Lieberman created Avicopia, a business that helps locate unusual birds for private collectors. He worked a summer internship in the avian propagation center at the San Diego Zoo, where he learned about many rare bird species. For more than 30 years he has kept and bred many species of birds. When he? not busy running Avicopia, he likes spending time with his other flock, which consists of his partner, Joe, and his feathered flock, which includes: a Timneh African grey parrot, two painted conures, a cockatiel, a tame Troupial and a wide variety of finches.

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