Kansas City Royals Fans Save Puppy From Hot Car

Fans forced a car window open to rescue pup in 90 degree weather.

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The dog rescued from the hot car was about 16 weeks old, according to Josh Lee. He also said there was no food or water in the car. Via Notre_Josh/Twitter
John Virata

After some fans Kansas City Royals left the June 19 baseball game in the 8th inning, they heard whimpering in the parking lot of Kauffman Stadium. That whimpering turned out to be a puppy locked in a hot car.

Josh Lee, along with his wife, son and Lee’s brother, Michael Warner, told KCStar.com the temperatures were in the low 90s Sunday afternoon when they discovered the dog in a locked Honda Accord. The windows were cracked just enough for Lee to force the window down so he could open the door. The dog, which Lee described as about 16 weeks old, was removed from the hot car and the police were notified.

Lee noted on Twitter that there was no food or water in the car and he said in a Twitter exchange with KCStar.com that considering the game ended in the 13th inning, he very well may have saved the puppy.

When outside temperatures reach 85 degrees Fahrenheit, it takes just 10 minutes for the temperature to reach 102 degrees Fahrenheit inside a car with the windows cracked, according to the ASPCA. When outside temperatures are 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the inside of a car can still be around 20 degrees hotter.

The dog was turned over to Royals Guest Services, which told Lee it was watching over the puppy and gave it plenty of water. Lee told Royals Guest Services that his brother would be happy to keep the dog if the owners fail to come forward.

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