Kanga Roo Cat Can’t Stop Being Cute

A cat with a special leg bent, giving her a kangaroo-like appearance, is up for calendar girl title.

Kanga the hopper!

Posted by Kanga Roo on Monday, August 4, 2014

Kanga Roo was just a tiny kitten when she arrived at San Francisco’s Saving Grace Rescue Inc. in 2014 with short, bent front legs, the result of radial hypoplasia/radial agenesis, a condition that keeps her from holding much weight with her front legs, and causes her to hop like a kangaroo to get around – hence, her name.

Saving Grace Rescue, an organization that specializes in kittens under 8-weeks of age and special needs cats, promptly found little Kanga a forever home, where the bouncing kitty has thrived alongside two canine brothers (Brandon and Brownie) and a feline sister (Skittles). Now, the sweet furball is playing foster sister to kittens, like her current charge, Hector, and may just land inside the pages of a 2016 calendar.

Oh yeah, you read that right. To raise surgery funds for the felines in their care, Saving Grace Rescue is putting together a 2016 calendar, and Kanga Roo is one of the nominees (and currently in 2nd place!) – meaning she may soon be “a little calendar girl.” Vote for Kanga Roo here!

Want more Kanga Roo in your life? Watch video of Kanga in high-hopping action on her Facebook page.

P.S. If you’re interested in Kanga Roo’s foster brother, Hector, who arrived at Saving Grace Rescue with a maggot-infested tail injury, and required an emergency tail amputation (yes, Hector is tailless!), contact Saving Grace Rescue.

Have you fallen in love with Kanga Roo the way we have? Will you be voting for Kanga in the Saving Grace Rescue 2016 Calendar Contest?

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