Just In Time For Halloween, Kitten Finds Ghost To Play With

“I see dead people,” says kitten.

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Someone's playing Marco Polo in the afterlife.
Anastasia Thrift

Cats are attuned to their surroundings on a super high level. That tabby you see staring at a wall? She is keyed in on something we humans can’t even see. It often looks a little weird — scary, even. When we catch it, we are sure our cats are basically seeing ghosts.

A video, posted to YouTube by USA Today, looks like clear evidence of cats experiencing paranormal activity. In it, a kitten pounces and bounds all over a bed — provoked by no one. Clearly this kitten was having an ethereal encounter.

Not that it seems like too bad of a thing, from the cat’s perspective. If this kitty was battling any kind of evil spirits, we’re sure they’ve been vanquished.

And if maybe this kitten was simply playing with a new ghost friend, well, that’s nice, too. You have to get some benefits out of having a sixth sense, and making besties is the best benefit.

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