Just One Of The Cats — Chihuahua Is Living With Litter Of Kittens

A Chihuahua puppy went from orphan to having five kitten siblings thanks to the kindness of one mother cat.

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Littermates for life. Via Michigan Humane Society/Facebook
Anastasia Thrift

Pets are beginning to bridge the dog/cat divide through the love of some dog and cat moms.

The latest surrogate mother is a cat who is nursing an orphaned Chihuahua puppy at the Michigan Humane Society, according to the group’s Facebook page.

Bobby the puppy was only 2 days old when his mother was hit by a car. A nursing cat being fostered by a Michigan Humane Society volunteer was suggested as a possible surrogate mom, so the coordinators who took in Bobby thought they’d give the mother cat a shot at raising a Chihuahua.

Now 5 weeks old, Bobby shows that a mother’s love is universal, even across species lines. `

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