July 2013 Product Spotlight, Pet Cooler Carrier

Learn about the Pet Cooler Carrier, a pet carrier that cools and hydrates pets.

The Pet Cooler Carrier is the world’s first — and only — pet carrier that provides cooling and hydration. It’s eco-friendly, requiring no electricity or battery packs, and has no moving parts. Just place ice into the molded, shallow chest on top of the carrier to cool the pet directly below for hours via standard convection, as well as provide a large supply of fresh, cool drinking water from the ice melt via a self-sealing water valve. Additional cooling is provided by a set of snap-on side and front curtains. Insulation in the side curtains not only helps keep the sun’s rays from heating up the inside of the carrier in the summer, but reflects the radiant heat of the pet back inside the carrier in the winter. The front curtain is also a pocket to store important travel papers, and has a clear acetate ID window. Removable, multi-purpose trays also provide for storage (especially medicines for the pet that require refrigeration), and for making blocks of ice for the longest possible cooling duration, and largest amount of hydration. This carrier is durable. Instead of a standard, thin polypropylene, our carrier is made from a thick copolymer polypropylene the same as fire-fighting equipment. Choose from one of four colors for the carrier bottom: blue, pink, black and brown. Made in the U.S.A.

For more information about the Pet Cooler Carrier, visit the Pet Cooler Carrier website or visit its page on Facebook.

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