Julie Benz on Her Heartbreak-Healing Dogs

The "Desperate Housewives” actress says her dogs helped her survive a painful divorce.

When “Desperate Housewives” star Julie Benz’s 10-year marriage ended in 2007, she didn’t take a page from the show’s characters and turn to alcohol or another relationship. She got a dog.

“[The divorce, from ex John Kassir] was very painful and difficult,” the actress told OK! Magazine. “We managed to keep it as amicable as possible. That was a big thing for both of us. We were together a long time. I got a dog – I got Bamboo [laughs]. That helped a lot. That’s why he’s so spoiled.”

Benz so enjoyed Bamboo that she got another dog – a Havanese named Sugar. But things didn’t go so well at first.

“When I brought Sugar into the picture, Bamboo’s training started to go out the window, and I was having a really difficult time,” she said. “I felt bad because Bamboo had to adjust from being an only dog to having this cute little puppy around. I wasn’t cut out to deal with it myself, so I hired a dog trainer, and she taught me how to take control. I’ve left them at her house and she whips them into shape. I’m a terrible disciplinarian; I’m awful.”

Bamboo and Sugar continue to lap up plenty of love and attention from Benz.

“I have about eight dog beds,” she says. “I have dog toys everywhere. I feel like my house is a giant doghouse, and I’m lucky to live there.”

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