Judging Panel for Next AKC/Eukanuba National Championship

Edd E. Bivin to be Best in Show Judge at AKC/Eukanuba National Championship 2012

The AKC announced that the 2012 AKC National Championship will return to Orlando, Fla., on December 15 and 16. The following are the judges selected to officiate the event:

Best in Show
Edd E. Bivin of Fort Worth, Texas, began judging dog shows at age 15 and is a breeder and exhibitor of top Pomeranians. He is approved to judge the Sporting, Working, Terrier, Toy and Non-Sporting Gropus as well as several Herding breeds. Edd also judged the Terrier Group at the 2011 Westminster Kennel Club show and is a nominee for the 2011 Winkies® for Annual Achievement in the Judge of the Year category.

Best Breed by Exhibitor
Patricia Craige Trotter is renowned as breeder of the famed Vin Melca Norwegian Elkhounds and was a nominee for the 2009 Winkies for Annual Achievement Outstanding Breeder category. Her judging accolades include Morris & Essex Kennel Club, Westminster Kennel Club, and numerous national specialties. She’s also the author of Born to Win, Breed to Succeed. She has also served as president and show chairman of the Del Monte Kennel Club.

Group and Miscellaneous Class Judges
SPORTING – Mr. Terry Stacy, Chapel Hill, NC
HOUND – Ms. Carla Molinari, Portugal
WORKING – Mr. Norman B. Kenney, Westford, MA
TERRIER – Ms. Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine, Ann Arbor, MI
TOY – Mr. Rey Burgos, Port Jefferson Station, NY
NON-SPORTING – Mr. Andrew Mills, Bonita, CA
HERDING – Mr. James E. Frederiksen, Knoxville, TN

Best Junior Handler
Mr. William P. Shelton, Pomona, CA

Bred by Exhibitor Variety Group Judges
SPORTING – Mrs. Sheila DiNardo, West Hartford, CT
HOUND – Mr. Dana P. Cline, Rockford, IL
WORKING – Ms. Patricia W. Laurans, Newtown, CT
TERRIER – Mrs. Rosalind Kramer, Leesburg, VA
TOY – Mr. Timothy Catterson, New Castle, IN
NON-SPORTING – Mr. Carl E. Gomes, Bronx, NY
HERDING – Ms. Sheila Polk, Martinez, CA

Eukanuba World Challenge Judges
Eukanuba World Challenge Winner
Miguel Teixeira, Portugal
Section Judges
Mrs. Keke Kahn, Sarasota, FL
Cristian Stefanescu, Romania
Ramon Podesta, Chile
Guy Spagnolo, Australia

Mr. Michael Faulkner – Boykin Spaniels, Retrievers (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling), Retrievers (Chesapeake Bay), Setters (Irish Red & White), Spaniels (American Water), Spaniels (Clumber)
Mrs. Wendy Willhauck – Brittanys, Pointers (German Wirehaired), Pointers, Retrievers (Flat-Coated), Spaniels (English Cocker)
Mrs. Mareth Kipp – Pointers (German Shorthaired), Spaniels (English Springer)
Mr. Guy Spagnolo (Australia) – Retrievers (Curly-Coated), Retrievers (Labrador), Setters (English), Spaniels (Irish Water)
Mrs. Elaine Mathis – Setters (Gordon), Spaniels (Welsh Springer), Spinoni Italiani, Vizslas, Weimaraners
Dr. Bob G. Smith – Retrievers (Golden), Setters (Irish), Spaniels (Cocker – ASCOB), Spaniels (Cocker – Black), Spaniels (Cocker – Parti Color)
Mr. Kenneth Buxton – Spaniels (Field), Wirehaired Pointing Griffons
Mr. Andrew Brace (UK) – Spaniels (Sussex)

Mrs. Gretchen Bernardi – Afghan Hounds, Borzoi, Irish Wolfhounds, Scottish Deerhounds, Whippets
Mr. William Shelton – American English Coonhounds, Black and Tan Coonhounds, Harriers, Norwegian Elkhounds, Plotts
Ms. Anne MacDonald (UK) – Basenjis, Greyhounds, Ibizan Hounds, Pharaoh Hounds, Salukis
Mrs. Sharon A. Dok – Basset HoundsBeagles (Both Varieties), Petit Basset Griffon Vendéens
Mr. Andrew Brace (UK) – Bloodhounds
Mrs. Jackie Stacy – Bluetick Coonhounds, Otterhounds, Redbone Coonhounds
Ms. Carol A. Reisman – Dachshunds (All Varieties), American Foxhounds, English Foxhounds, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, Treeing Walker Coonhounds

Mrs. Cindy Meyer – Akitas, Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, Mastiffs, Portuguese Water Dogs, Siberian Huskies
Mr. Andrew Brace (UK) – Alaskan Malamutes
Mr. Andrei Klishas (Russia) – Bernese Mountain Dogs, Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
Ms. Ann Ingram (Ireland) – Black Russian Terriers, Boxers, Bullmastiffs, Newfoundlands
Mr. Alfred Ferruggiaro – Cane Corso
Mrs. Wyoma Clouss – Doberman Pinschers, Giant Schnauzers, Standard Schnauzers
Mr. James Noe – Dogues de Bordeaux, Great Pyrenees, Leonbergers, Neapolitan Mastiffs, Samoyeds
Mr. Kenneth Buxton – German Pinschers
Mrs. Barbara Alderman – Great Danes
Mr. Brian Meyer – Komondorok, Kuvaszok, Rottweilers, Saint Bernards, Tibetan Mastiffs

Mr. Alfred Ferruggiaro – Airedale Terriers, Norwich Terriers, Manchester Terriers (Standard)
Dr. Kirsi Sainio (Finland) – American Staffordshire Terriers, Scottish Terriers, Russell Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, West Highland White Terriers
Mrs. Mareth Kipp – Australian Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers, Parson Russell Terriers
Mrs. Wyoma Clouss – Bedlington Terriers
Mr. Bruce Schwartz – Border Terriers, Cairn Terriers, Norfolk Terriers, Sealyham Terriers, Welsh Terriers
Mr. Andrei Klishas (Russia) – Bull Terriers (Both Varieties), Miniature Bull Terriers
Ms. Ann Ingram (Ireland) – Cesky Terriers
Mr. Robert Hutton – Dandie Dinmont Terriers, Skye Terriers, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers
Mr. Harry O’Donoghue (Ireland) – Fox Terriers (Smooth), Fox Terriers (Wire), Glen of Imaal Terriers, Irish Terriers, Kerry Blue Terriers, Lakeland Terriers

Mrs. Keke Kahn – Affenpinschers, Brussels Griffon, Havanese, Pekingese, Yorkshire Terriers
Dr. John Ioia – Cavalier King Charles SpanielsEnglish Toy Spaniels (King Charles & Ruby), Maltese, Shih Tzu
Mr. Chuck Scott – Chihuahuas (Both Varieties), Chinese CrestedEnglish Toy Spaniels (Blenheim & Prince Charles), Italian Greyhounds
Mr. Hiroshi Kamisato (Japan)Japanese Chin
Mr. Alfred Ferruggiaro – Miniature Pinschers
Mrs. Jackie Stacy – Papillons
Mr. Robert Hutton – Pomeranians, Pugs
Mrs. Barbara Alderman – Poodles (Toy), Silky Terriers
Mr. Charles Trotter – Toy Fox Terriers
Mrs. Wyoma Clouss – Manchester Terriers (Toy)

Mr. Richard Beauchamp – American Eskimo Dogs, Bichons Frises, Bulldogs, Dalmatians, Finnish Spitz
Mr. Robert Hutton – Boston Terriers
Mr. Hiroshi Kamisato (Japan) – Chinese Shar-Pei, Chow Chows, Tibetan Terriers, Xoloitzcuintli
Ms. Ann Ingram (Ireland) – French Bulldogs
Mr. Charles Trotter – Keeshonden, Lowchen, Shiba Inu, Tibetan Spaniels
Dr. John Ioia – Lhasa Apsos
Mrs. Keke Kahn – Norwegian Lundehunds
Mrs. Barbara Alderman – Poodles (Miniature), Poodles (Standard), Schipperkes

Mrs. Jackie Stacy – Australian Cattle Dogs, Belgian Malinois
Mr. Kenneth Buxton – Australian Shepherds, Finnish Lapphunds, Icelandic Sheepdogs
Mr. Paul Willhauck – Bearded Collies, Collies (Rough), Collies (Smooth), German Shepherd Dogs, Shetland Sheepdogs
Mrs. Arlene Davis – Beaucerons, Border Collies, Bouviers des Flandres, Canaan Dogs, Norwegian Buhunds, Swedish Vallhunds
Dr. Robert D. Smith – Belgian Sheepdogs, Belgian Tervuren, Old English Sheepdogs, Polish Lowland Sheepdogs, Pulik
Mr. Andrew Brace (UK) – Briards, Pyrenean Shepherds
Mr. William Shelton – Cardigan Welsh Corgis, Pembroke Welsh Corgis
Mr. Andrei Klishas (Russia) – Entlebucher Mountain Dogs

The qualifying dates for the 2012 AKC/Eukanuba National Championship will be October 12, 2011 – October 10, 2012.

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