Joy In Man’s Eyes As He Holds Kitten On Bus Captures Everyone’s Heart

Cats bring smiles to people's faces around the world.

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"This happened today in Istanbul." Via cagedragehere/Reddit
Anastasia Thrift

A man in Istanbul, Turkey, gave people a moment of joy without realizing it. All he had to do was something many of us know brings happiness into our lives: hold a kitten.

A photo of the man, well-dressed and smiling down a kitten in his hands as he rode on a bus, captured an incredibly sweet moment. Redditor cagedragehere posted the picture, to a chorus of warm comments.

A glimpse of daily life made everyone’s day. Via cagedragehere/Reddit

Istanbul is known for its love of cats, as documented in the film Kedi. But that love is felt in many places around the world, clearly seen in this universal response to a brief, caring moment between a person and a beloved pet.

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