Jorunna parva Images Going Crazy On Japanese Twitterverse

The nudibranchs look like little fluffy bunnies.

Images of these little nudibranchs, Jorunna parva, have caused Japanese to go crazy in the Japanese socialsphere

Images of Jorunna parva, a species of sea slugs, or nudibranchs are making the rounds on Japanese social media, due in part to the fact that they resemble cute furry little bunnies, complete with “bunny ears.”  Those appendages, which do resemble bunny ears are really rhinophores, chemosensory scent and taste organs that help the little mollusks detect chemicals in the water that lead them to food.

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The little guys in question are fluffy white in appearance with little reddish dots. The ears, or rhinophores are white and red in coloration. No word if they can be kept in aquaria, but probably not, given the specific food requirements of a lot of these types of nudibranchs.  At any rate, yougotta love the Japanese for the interesting things that tickle their fancy.

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