Jon Hamm + Cats = Love

Jon Hamm makes us love him even more during a cat-love confessional segment on Comedy Central's @midnight.

Jon Hamm, you handsome devil, you’ve done it again. If we didn’t already love you with 200% of our hearts we would be completely captivated now.

On the Comedy Central show @midnight, Jon Hamm made a cameo to proclaim his love for cats and introduce a segment for the panelists. The question round itself was amazing because it showcased the cats of the Bodega Cats Tumblr.

Comedians Nikki Glaser, John Mulaney and Judah Friedlander had to guess which picture got the most votes on Tumblr. Each panelist then had to caption one photo. 

We hope we see more of this cat fandom but, sadly, we think Jon Hamm’s a dog guy IRL. (Still love you.)

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