Join Me At Camp Birdie!

Cheerful faces celebrate the arrival of Camp BirdieHappy Monday! Why the enthusiasm, you ask? Because today marks the start of Camp Birdie: a virtual summer camp for birds and their people!  Sorry if that sounds like a pitch, but I suppose it is. We worked hard on creating all the fun camp activities; heck, we even recorded a camp song. (Download it here!)

This really is a virtual camp – we even virtualized ourselves. That’s me with the short hair (for some reason, I am missing eyebrows, but I swear I have them!) That’s Jessica in cute dark bob, and our very own Melissa Kauffman (host of the “Life In The Bird House” blog) is working the cool glasses. It is very surreal to see yourself as a cartoon caricature, and a floating head at that.

This should prove to be quite the adventure for us all … going where no bird or their person has gone before: virtual summer camp! Camp starts today and runs through August 31.  Be there, or be square!

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