Johnny Depp Sends Dogs Back To States After Australia Threatens Euthanasia

Johnny Depp decides there’s no place like home for his two Yorkies who the Australian government claim failed to have the proper documentation to stay in the country.

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Boo, Pistol and Depp. Via Business Insider

With the threat of euthanasia looming over his two dogs in Australia, actor Johnny Depp is sending his two Yorkshire Terriers back to Los Angeles Friday, reports CNN and several media outlets.

It was last month, Depp, 51, and his wife Amanda Heard, 29, traveled to Australia where Depp is shooting the fifth installment of Walt Disney Pictures’ “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Like most pet owners, the couple brought their two pups — Boo and Pistol — on the trip. However, Australian law has strict import/export animal laws.

In order for individuals to import a dog, the animal “must be compliant with all the import conditions stated on the valid import permit. All dogs must complete a minimum 10 day period in an Australian quarantine facility,” according to the country’s Department of Agriculture.

Yesterday, Australian Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce accused Depp of failing to follow those rules. Boo and Pistol’s stay in the country came to light when staff at Happy Dogz groomers posted photos of the two Yorkshire Terriers, CNN reports.

Happy Dogz groomers with Depp's dogs , Pistol and Boo. Via ABC news

Happy Dogz groomers with Johnny Depp’s dogs, Pistol and Boo. Via ABC news

Officials gave the couple until Saturday morning to send the pups out of the country and threatened to have the Yorkies euthanized if Depp did not not comply.

Australia is one of several countries that have such strict laws. The object is to keep out diseases such as rabies, ehrlichia, leishmania, leptospirosis and internal and external parasites.

Boo and Pistol are reportedly flying back to the United States via private jet.

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