Johnny Depp Mocks His Dog Smuggling Apology Video

The actor made an “impromptu joke” about an apology he made to the Australia government for bringing his pet dogs into the country without properly declaring them.

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Will actor Johnny Depp ever live down his oh-so-serious apology video? Via YouTube/Reuters

Were you one of those people who after viewing the now infamous Johnny Depp and Amber Heard apology video thought, “Is he for real?”

A newly released clip of Depp promoting his latest film, “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” in London, England, shows the actor making light of his previous video and the incident altogether, Entertainment Weekly reports.

“I would like to… I’m going to do this everywhere I go,” he’s begins on the video Reuters posted to YouTube before going “into character.” “I would really like to apologize for not smuggling my dogs into England, because it would have been a bad thing to do.”

The doggie drama began in February 2015 when traveling to Australia for work, Heard entered the country with the couple’s two dogs without going through quarantine. Last, month an Australian court ruled to not convict Heard for alleged dog smuggling and the couple videotaped a somber apology for failing to properly declare their pups when they entered the country last year.

Pistol and Boo and  Depp. Via Business Insider

Pistol and Boo and Depp. Via Business Insider

EW reports that Late Night talk show host Stephen Colbert and even Australia’s deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce — to name a few — have poked fun at Depp’s serious nature in the apology video.

In the most recent video of Depp mocking the apology, he continued with, “Because the Australians, though chipper” before he and the other actors on the stage laughed about the apology video, finishing up Sunday’s press conference in London.

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