Joey the Garden Cat Dies

Arkansa's THV11's favorite cat dies after a long battle with an illness.

Joey the Garden Cat, beloved anchor of THV11 news in Little Rock, Ark., has died from an illness after years of mounting health problems.

Joey was a stray cat who made his home in the weather garden for the news station after wandering in one day. Joey brought much joy to THV11 in the many years of being a part of the news station’s family.

The story of Joey is a sweet one. Theba Lolley, who works at THV11, was hanging out with the station’s cat, Larry, when out of the corner of her eye she saw Joey jet across the deck. Lolley didn’t want Larry to get startled, but it was obvious to her they were already buddies. She then tried to pull Joey out from under the deck with some food.

Lolley explains, “As he inhaled the food, he observed me petting and holding Larry, and though he watched intently, he was not interested in being petted. In fact, I really got the sense he wanted me to leave Larry alone so he could have him all to himself.”

Seeing as the weather garden had a good supply of kitty food, warmth and a lot of love from humans, Joy decided he was going to stay. Besides, he loved following Larry around all day.

After Larry died in 2007, Joey still hung out in the weather garden, and even on set, jumping onto the news desk during live newscasts. He became the viewers’ friend, too. An outpouring of love and kind words have been posted on Joey’s Facebook page. You can read them or post your own message for Joey and the rest of the THV11 news crew on his Facebook page at

Joey had a rare form of bone cancer in his left back leg in 2012, but was soon after considered a cancer survivor.

Lolley, Joey’s pet parent and agent, says of Joey, “He was a rare little spirit – I could see it in his eyes, and I could hear it in his small meow.

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