Joe Biden’s Dog Breeder Cited for Violations

Pennsylvania kennel under scrutiny in wake of vice president-elect’s visit.

The Pennsylvania kennel where Vice President-elect Joe Biden bought a German Shepherd Dog puppy last week has been cited for multiple kennel violations, the Christian Science Monitor reports.

State agriculture officials cited the Wolf Den Kennel in Chester County on Dec. 10 for unsatisfactory ventilation, inadequate maintenance and sanitation, and missing sale and vaccination records. Read the report here.

Kennel owner Linda Brown says workers cleaning up the night before Biden’s visit accidentally threw out the records.

Biden spokeswoman Elizabeth Alexander says the kennel had a 100 percent rating during its last five inspections at the time Biden bought the puppy.

Biden’s wife Jill had promised her husband a dog if he and President-elect Barack Obama won the White House.

Alexander says Biden has owned three German Shepherd Dogs. “[Biden’s] familiar with the breed and its personality,” Alexander told Delaware Online. “He’s excited to bring it home when it gets a little older and has promised that his grandchildren can name it after the New Year.”

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