Joan Rivers Talks Dogs

The comedian says her dog "pulled her through” her husband’s death.

Joan Rivers is speaking out on the importance of dogs in her life.

“One of the things that pulled me through [her husband Edgar Rosenberg’s death] was my dog Spike,” Rivers recently told the New York Post. “I couldn’t get over Spike [after he died], even two years later. My vet said, ‘You need someone to care for, to get your mind off Spike.’”

The vet had a formerly abused Pekinese available for adoption. Rivers took the dog home, and today Max lives the good life with Rivers in New York City. Rivers added a Havanese puppy named Samantha several years ago after Lulu, her Boston Terrier, died of cancer.

Now Rivers advises others to “adopt as quickly as you can” after losing a beloved pet.

“When somebody is happily married, they remarry quickly; it’s when somebody’s not so happily married that they don’t get married again. [Adopting] doesn’t negate your other dog’s importance,” Rivers says. “Nobody is ‘replaced,’ but, my God, go give somebody else happiness. Go help somebody else.”

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